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Identity Theft

A Growing Concern for Everyone

  • About 20,000 people a day are the victims of identity theft.
  • Much of it represents stolen credit cards, and credit card numbers.
  • Internet auction sites were responsible for 48% of Internet fraud complaints.
  • Shop at home catalogues were the next largest category at 17%.
  • U.S. citizens should visit the Federal Trade Commission's identity theft web site for ideas on how to protect yourself.

We Take Identity Theft Seriously

  • At BestPaydayLoan we take identity theft seriously, and we use various methods to ensure that the loans we provide are actually requested and routed to the correct person and the correct bank account.
  • For your first loan we request documents that show you are who you say you are.
  • You will be contacted by phone by your customer service assistant, and we will only deposit funds if we believe we know who you are.
  • At BestPaydayLoan we value our clients' privacy and their security.
  • To prevent access to your personal data, it is encrypted as it travels on the Internet, and sensitive data such as bank account numbers are taken by phone.
  • We correspond with you via e-mail, but we will never ask for your Social Security number or any other personal information via e-mail.
  • Do not give your BestPaydayLoan PIN number to anyone, and do not use a PIN that others are aware you routinely use.
  • Visit our security page to learn how we keep your data safe.