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BestPaydayLoan Appreciates Smart Consumers

How Do Smart Consumers Choose a Lender?

When using a website, smart consumers look for signs that they can trust the site.


  • Does it have a security certificate on the page where you enter personal data?
    This usually shows up as a key or a padlock on the secure page.
  • Have they spent the time and cost to establish a firewall to protect your data?
    We have.
  • Does the site provide a privacy policy that promises not to sell your personal information?


Important Information

  • Do they have a fee schedule that rewards your loyalty?
  • Do you earn increased credit as you become a loyal customer?
  • Do you earn reduced rates through Payday Cash Rewards as a loyal customer?

Payment Options

  • Are all customers treated as if their cash requirements are the same? For example, if you are paid weekly, do you have to keep the loan as if you were paid bi-weekly?
  • Are you allowed to pay early, and only pay for the days you use the money?
  • Are the payment options fully explained and flexible enough for you to be able to repay the principal on your schedule?
  • Are you allowed to pay off the principal in small increments? Requiring large payments makes it more difficult to retire the loan.
  • Can you change your arranged payment online?
  • Can you change it again with no hassle?

Customer Service

  • Do they provide a live person or just mechanical messages?
  • Do they value you as a customer and answer your questions?
  • Do they disclose who they are and where they are registered?

Smart Consumers ensure that they are working with an ethical company.

BestPaydayLoan encourages customers to ask questions and get answers. An informed consumer is a happy customer. Once your questions are answered, refer a friend who might not be smart enough to do their own homework. You'll earn a $15 Referral Fee, and your friend will earn a $15 discount. See our Referral Fee policy.