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BestPaydayLoan Has the Best Cost for Loans

  • At ease soldier, you've found the low cost payday loan you need.
  • Just the amount you need, when you need it. You're in charge.
  • You also get Payday Cash Rewards, which decrease the cost of future loans.

What Does "Best Cost" Mean?

It means that you only pay for the days you need the money, and the amount you pay is much less than a regular payday loan. Compare our fees.

Give Me an Example of Best Cost!

  • Your cost is 1.75% per $100 per day, or $1.75 per $100 that you borrow per day.
  • For example: Borrow $200 on Monday, and pay it in full on Friday for $200 x .0175 x 4 days = $14 in fees, plus $200 in principal = $214 for a pay-in-full.
  • Or let's assume that you need the money for 11 days. Your cost would be: $200 x .0175 x 10 days= $35. We do not charge for the first day of a loan.

What Are My Payment Options?

Visit the Payment Options page for all the details. Below is a summary.

  • Keep the money for as little as 4 days or for as long as you need the cash.
  • Make your payment arrangements online up to 2 business days before your due date. You may decide to pay fee only (that's our automatic default), or fee plus any part of the principal, or a pay-in-full. Just click the appropriate button.
  • The system will even show you the amount of Payday Loan Cash Rewards you have accumulated, and will show you how much is being automatically applied to reduce your loan fee, which will reduce the overall cost of the loan.

Make a New Plan

  • You can change your mind, and change the payment amount online as many times as you want up to 2 business days before your payment is due.
  • If you miss the deadline, don't panic, the system will automatically debit your account for only the fee that is due, not the principal balance. No big surprises.
  • Avoid bank NSF fees with a paycheck advance.
  • BestPaydayLoan provides quck fast cash advances.

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