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Everyone Saves Money at BestPaydayLoan

Those Who Are Paid Weekly Save Even More

  • People who are paid weekly often pay a premium price for payday loans.
  • BestPaydayLoanonly charges for the days you need the money.
  • You are not forced to keep the money for an additional week at a high cost.
  • You decide how many days you need to keep the cash.
  • You may pay off the loan without penalty at any time.

Just How Much Can I Save?

  • Our fees are based only on the days you have the money. You decide.
  • Borrow $200 and pay $21 for the week, not the usual $60. And get Payday Cash Reward credits of $4, so your next loan only costs $17.
  • That's a savings of $43 in just one week. Heck, you can start saving for an island vacation.

BestPaydayLoan provides low-cost loans based on a daily rate, and allows loyal customers to reduce their costs even further with Payday Cash Rewards.

Those Paid Weekly Save Extra Cash with BestPaydayLoan