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BestPaydayLoan is a Lender That Keeps Costs Low

How We Differ from Other Payday Lenders

  • We provide stress-free no-hassle loans.
  • After your first loan is paid, your receive no-fax loans for 90 days.
  • You control the amount of time you have the money.
  • Keep it for 4 days or for months. You're in charge.
  • Pay off any amount of principal, at any time.
  • Our fees are based on days, not pay periods.
  • Use the money for a weekend and pay it off if you want.
  • Use smart money for a few days at the beginning of the month.
  • Earn Payday Cash Rewards to reduce the cost of future loans.
  • Earn a $15 rebate for referring a friend.
  • Manage your account online with ease in private.
  • We debit fees only until you schedule a principal payment.
  • We answer all your questions before we ask for any information.
  • We provide a secure site for your personal data.
  • We respect your privacy, and value you as a customer.
  • People tell us they trust us to do the right thing every time.
  • We are a different kind of loan company.
  • Come and get a little sunshine at BestPaydayLoan.