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BestPaydayLoan Has Fast and Convenient Online Payday Loans

We provide availability 24/7 with immediate service, privacy and security. No waiting, no need to leave home, no wondering. You get an immediate yes or no pre-approval by filling out a few questions online, and there is no credit check that might hurt your more significant borrowing needs like a mortgage or car loan.

  • BestPaydayLoan provides cash in your account tomorrow.
  • Our fees are based on $1.75 per $100 per day. See our fees.
  • A $500 loan received on Monday costs you $535 on Friday.
  • You can keep it for 4 days or months. It's up to you.
  • Most important, you earn Payday Cash Rewards with each loan.
  • Payday Cash Rewards reduce the cost of future loans for loyal customers.

What Does "Best Cost" Mean?

  • It means that unlike other companies who charge 1200% APR or more, BestPaydayLoan treats each loan as a unique event. We don't make you pay for the money for an entire pay period when you've only had it for a short time.
  • You decide how long you'll need the cash.
  • You pay a daily rate only for the days you need it.
  • You can repay the principal at any time with no penalty.
  • You can repay the principal in small increments to reduce the cost of the loan more quickly.
  • The system will automatically apply any available cash rewards you have accumulated to reduce the cost of the fees on your loan.
  • Payday Cash Rewards can mean a reduction in cost of 34% or more.
  • No clubs to join, no hassle, just reduced fees, and it's all automatic.
  • Try it. You'll like it.

What Are My Payment Options?

BestPaydayLoan has flexible payment options.

  • The system will automatically bill the fees due each pay date.
  • You may go online up to 2 business days before your due date, and select any principal amount you wish to pay. No calculations needed. The system will show you the principal due, the fee due, and you decide the amount you can afford to pay.
  • If you want to pay in full, just click the button.
  • If you want to pay $10 on your principal, that's OK because any reduction in principal reduces the cost of your loan. So if your fee due is $34 and you pay $35 even that small reduction of your principal amount will mean lower fees. We do not have fixed fees per $100 per pay period. You can pay off the principal and reduce your cost in increments of any size. We've found that this allows people to stay on budget, and not get caught in cyclic loans.
  • The system will even show you the amount of Payday Loan Cash Rewards you have accumulated, and will show you how much is being automatically applied to reduce your loan fee, which will reduce the overall cost of the loan.

Make a New Plan

  • Have a windfall and want to change your pay arrangement? No problem. Just go back online and make a new plan to pay in full or to reduce the principal.
  • If you change your mind again, you can do the same thing, up until two business days before the pay date.

Your Privacy is Our Priority, and Our Duty to You

  • You manage your account online 24/7 through a secure and efficient system.
  • Our privacy policy is clear. We do not sell your data. We protect it.

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